Quattro 8 Scheermesjes

Foto Quattro 8 Scheermesjes
Voor € 14,65
LET OP: Deze dagaanbieding was van 30-12-2010 en is dus reeds verlopen

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Quattro Scheermesjes van Wilkinson Sword.
8 Quattro Scheermesjes. Wilkinson Sword Quattro is the World's first 4-blade razor. Rinse Channels Advanced blade carrier technology ensures that the shave is not only close but also comfortable, due to its exceptional wash through. 2 conditioning strips that smooth the skin are infused with vitamin E and Aloƫ vera. Protective Guard Eight protective wires are wrapped asymmetrically around the blades, protecting the skin particulary from those areas where pressure is highest during shaving ie. the middle of the blade. The Pressure-adapting blades retract if too much pressure is put onto the skin during shaving. assuring againts nicks and cuts. Get Ready with the power of 4.

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