Wide Screen Design Tablet TB-7300

Foto Wide Screen Design Tablet TB-7300
Voor € 129,96
LET OP: Deze dagaanbieding was van 20-06-2011 en is dus reeds verlopen

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Key features:<br /> <ul> <li>Big, high quality wide screen (30,5 x 19,5 cm) tablet with 2 wheel pads for picture editing and other graphic applications</li> <li>Dual wheel pads located at the top corners providing easy scroll, zoom and volume control</li> <li>Ergonomic wireless 2 button pen with 1024 step pressure sensitivity and 60 tilt sensitivity</li> <li>32 extra direct accessible programmable buttons</li> <li>Supports Windows Vista Tablet edition functions, such as converting handwriting into digital text</li> <li>Designed for both left and right hand users</li> <li>Software included for drawing, editing pictures and adding handwritings and drawings to MS Word, MS Excel or Wordpad</li> <li>Suitable for both wide screens and standard monitors</li> </ul>

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