Pro click Mobile 1200dpi Rood

Foto Pro click Mobile 1200dpi  Rood
Voor € 47,95
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Razer is one of the top manufacturers of high performance gaming mice, but now Razer has moved on and expanded their expertise into notebook mice. With the latest release of the Razer Pro|Solutions Pro|Click mobile, Razer has created a laptop mouse. One which doesn't need drivers or anything else than a pair of AA batteries and a Bluetooth capable PC in order to function. The Razer Pro|Click Mobile is made for all you people on the move who want a decent wireless mouse that is easy to carry around. What sets the Pro|Click Mobile apart from the competition, besides being cordless, is the fact that it sports a 1200 DPI optical sensor which can function on a large variety of surfaces. The Pro|Click Mobile uses Bluetooth to connect to your PC so you don't have to carry a receiver around like with conventional wireless mice. Now let's see how this interesting blend of technologies works in real life scenarios.

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