World of Subways Deluxe (Vol. 1 + 2)

Foto World of Subways Deluxe (Vol. 1  + 2)
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This Bundle encloses the first ever subway line of the world going from New York beneath the Hudson-River to Newark and the longest subway line in Berlin. Coming with excellent graphics these simulators also puts a lot of emphasis on original physics of the train and wagons.World of Subways Volume 1: is a simulator in its own right & not an add-on for existing train simulators.Vol.1 kicks off with the oldest underground route, the route between New Jersey and New York City known as the PATH Route. Add-ons, such as new trains route extensions or new activities will also be available in future. Route map: The New York Path Route, approx 50 kilometers long, connects the states of New Jersey and New York. More than 40% of the route is above ground.World of Subways Volume 2: is a simulator in its own right & not an add-on for existing train simulators. Route map: With a coverage of 31.8 km (19,8 miles) and 40 stations the U7 is not only the longest of all Berlin subway lines but also the line with the most stations & the longest journey time. Built from 1924 to 1984 this large profile line runs completely underground, through a total of 5 districts of the German capital and even goes underneath the rivers Spree and Havel as well as the Teltow and the Westhafen canal.

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