EEE PC 1005PX ATOM/N450-1.66G

Foto EEE PC 1005PX ATOM/N450-1.66G
Voor € 235,00
LET OP: Deze dagaanbieding was van 21-06-2011 en is dus reeds verlopen

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<b>Elegant Seashell Inspired Design</b><br/>Seemingly crafted by nature itself, the Eee PC? Seashell draws its inspiration from seashells and its opalescent and glossy exterior is crafted by the innovative in-Mold Roller technology; matte painting in C part to create baby soft touch. It's so light and compact, you can take it anywhere with you! And with sleek curves and smooth lines hugging its lustrous shell, the Eee PC? Seashell will easily charm passers-by wherever it goes.<br/><br/><b>Multi-touch pad of easily zoom in/out </b><br/>With the Multi-Touch gesture input feature, you can easily zoom in and out to view photos or read documents by just moving two fingertips apart or together on the touchpad. You can also simultaneously slide two fingertips up or down the touchpad?making scrolling in a window easy without the use of a mouse.<br/><br/><b>No Deficiency in Efficiency</b><br/>The Eee PC? Seashell 1005P features a breathtaking design that includes a 10.1? LED-backlit display and an ergonomic keyboard.

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